About project TOP Photographers

Dedicated to my family and their patience

Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to welcome on the GlobePhoto.Pro site — place for aerial photography funs and professionals.

The idea to create this site had come to my mind few years ago, however at the beginning I just wanted to create a place to share my archives of aerial photography. Thanks to my friends from WOW Agency who had provided priceless help to this project, they had convinced me to extend the project and to give a floor for all who enjoy or even specialized on photography of our planet. And it is awfully great thing we do, don’t it?

Globe form the sky is might be one of the most attractive things in aviation, together with feeling of speed and freedom. I think I was about 5 years old I got it and it is my ‘disease’ since those times. I did aerial photography even in Soviet times when it was completely prohibited, do it now and hope will continue as long as I’ll be able to do. Our world is big enough to say it is the endless process.

The Creator gave us amazing staff and made us — aerial photographers — lucky people. Please do not hesitate to bring some of your luck here and share it with the colleagues and our visitors. We will also appreciate your comments and suggestions for the site improvement. Hope you will enjoy GlobePhoto.Pro and I wish you good time!


Fyodor Borisov
Site founder
Managing Partner
Transport Photo Images

February 22, 2014.