About project TOP Photographers

The GlobePhoto is a non-profit website devoted to aerial photography. If you are interested in how our planet looks from high altitude you’ll find here a lot of nice staff. You may use our search mechanism if you are looking for any certain places or just look through the map.

If you have photos from high altitude, you are welcome to join us as aerial photographer. Please read Terms and Conditions to learn the photographers’ rights and rules to understand our requirements to photos and to be easily accepted.

We are non-profit. That means we are considering this site first of all as a society of people who are interested to share their photos. However, we’re happy if you are ready to become a sponsor of this site by advertising on banners or in any other way.

Site creator and owner — Fyodor Borisov, aviation and aerial photographer.

Special thanks to wow.wearewowagency.com and personally to its head Nickolay Glukhih for sharing the idea and technical support of the project.